beams of the northern light

Bridge of Light

We each have our history, each in our circle, each in our world of experience, thought-sense reality

Sometimes tangent to each other. Sometimes it crosses the circle each other and we see a common field of reality.

Star Glimpses.

The illuminated bridge occurs where our lives meet, in a field of light, where the communication of both parts are perceived as good, bright and clean. A true meeting turns into two.

We who created LYSBROEN (bridge of light), have experienced the above words of content.

We were brought together by people in our surroundings, almost involuntarily set of personality glance, the resistance of both was pretty big, but something must have responded, which exceeded our normal mortal will. We were both drawn out of the comfort zone of the habits and the life we have had.

There was contact and communication far beyond what we had experienced before and it blew all that was learned about the possibilities of communication. There was a bridge of light between our souls, governed by our spirit. It was born a spiritual relationship in earthly forms that could barely carry such power.

Anyone who reads between the lines in our book * The Tree. A history of autism and transformation * could detect some of this. For others, the book will be read as a confrontation with an outdated view of man.

Welcome to the luminous bridge.


Logo made by Eskild Tjalve, danish author,artist,spiritual teacher:
"the creative bridge"